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bahai-toronto - 'Announce' list for Baha'i-oriented activities in and around the city of Toronto

Subject: 'Announce' list for Baha'i-oriented activities in and around the city of Toronto

The 'Baha'i Toronto' email list

This Baha'i-only list has been established to facilitate communication of Baha'i-oriented activities in and around the city of Toronto.

Announcements on this list are moderated and participation is limited to only those members of the list. Like all lists on, postings are maintained in an archive, but access to this archive is limited to current members of this list that are in good standing.

This email list is intended to be used to:

Un-suitable postings for this list include (but are not limited to):

In simplest terms, common sense should serve as guide. Please note that reserves the right to place a person on 'read only' basis (ie they cannot post messages but continue to receive them) pending review of any message.

Attachments up to 3MB are allowed on this list; by default they will be forwarded through with each message, though this can be overridden by changing your personal settings upon logging in to the server. Other types of possible changes include not receiving attachments, stripping out attachments and replacing them with a link to the attachment on the server, receiving message digests, etc. Once subscribed, your personal account settings can be changed from within the list server web interface. No password is provided to you - rather, on first visit choose 'first login' and request a password; one will be sent to the address entered during subscription.

To send an email through this list simply send the email to the following email address:

Finally, please note that membership on this list is not guaranteed, or automatic. By joining this list you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines outlined above, and understand that rules may change from time to time. All grievances relating to this list should be sent to


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