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ex-bwc-staff - Discussion list for anyone who has served at the Bahá’í World Center

Subject: Discussion list for anyone who has served at the Bahá’í World Center

Welcome to the Discussion List for Bahá’ís who served at the Bahá’í World Centre!

This discussion list is intended to foster communications between Bahá'ís who served at the Bahá'í World Centre in Israel who wish to keep in touch with friends and share their stories of service since leaving the World Centre.

To subscribe to this list a person must have served at the World Centre and be an adult Bahá’í in good standing. Only subscribers can post to the list.

Topics discussed will of course be diverse; it is expected that basic, common sense will guide what is posted.

Un-suitable postings for this list include (but are not limited to):

Unlike 'Announce' types of lists, this list allows for continued discussion of topics. To contribute to the discussion simply respond to a mail, the default is to go back through the list to all subscribers as well as the sender. If you intend your post to go only to an individual, please check the 'to' list on your reply before sending.

In simplest terms common sense should serve as guide. reserves the right to remove person(s) or place person(s) on a 'read only' status (ie they cannot post messages but continue to receive them).

Attachments of up to 3MB are allowed and will be forwarded as part of a message. Only the following file types are allowed:

For safety reasons attachments of these filetypes are not allowed:

To subscribe to this list please send an email with request to join to and include your name, email and Baha'i ID (if available). The default is to receive each mail as it is released, though 'digest' subscriptions are possible. Once subscribed, you will be able to send and receive emails. It is possible to change your subscription format after joining the list.

To send an email to the list send your post to Posts from subscribed email addresses will be distributed, all other posts will be rejected.

Archives of conversations are maintained by the list. To see them one must be a subscriber to the list and be logged in to the site. How to do this is explained in the welcome message sent upon subscription.

Questions are always welcome and you are encouraged to reach out to a list administrator at if you need some help or information.

Please note that membership on this list is not guaranteed, or automatic. By joining this list you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines outlined above, and understand that rules may change from time to time. All grievances relating to this list should be sent to

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