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nw-indigenous-bahais - 'Announce' list for NW Bahá'ís of Indigenous descent

Subject: 'Announce' list for NW Bahá'ís of Indigenous descent

From the US National Spiritual Assembly, June 3, 2021 Call to Action letter...

...Although teaching is incumbent on all believers without restriction, it is crucial that, in particular, the African-American and Indigenous believers of this country arise and take their rightful place at the forefront of this work. Further, we must not fail to call for the contributions of the vast and diverse immigrant populations who have come to these shores in recent decades and demonstrated a great receptivity to the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. The services of these souls, together with their African-American and Indigenous brothers and sisters, will be instrumental to the growth and development of a truly just, inclusive, and unified society in this land....

Greetings dear friends! Welcome to the newly created email list designed to connect Indigenous Baha’i sisters and brothers here in the Northwest region. This email tool distributes announcements that are relevant to Indigenous Baha’is (American Indian or Native Alaskan) living in Oregon and Washington. As we learn how to best use this tool for our purposes, let’s be mindful about what is being shared to help us remember to avoid criticism, personal attacks, and politically-motivated topics of any kind. Since this is not a list for discussions, what can be posted are announcements relevant to our service to the Cause of the Blessed Beauty. Please note that attachments of up to 3MB can be shared and will be forwarded as part of a message.

These kinds of file types can be sent:

In order to protect your security, these kinds of files should not be sent: Note – you can convert these files to a PDF format if you wish to share them.

For your security, announcements from sites like Evently, Eventbrite, CEvent, etc, can be shared only as a link within a message from a subscribed member. Invites sent directly to this list from a 3rd party planning service will be rejected.

If you know of Bahá'ís of Indigenous descent who live in the Northwest who would want to be added to this list please have them send an email with request to join to . Please make sure to include name, email and Baha'i ID (if available). Once subscribed, they will be able to send and receive emails to this list.

To send an email to the list send your post to .

If you need assistance with the list, you can contact the list administrator at


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